Grampa's Violin

Music Week

All this week The Daily Palette will be celebrating the connection between visual art and music. We will feature Iowa artists who are inspired by music, in either their style or in their choice of subject matter.

Grampa's Violin, walnut, pine, 50" x 30" x 22"

"I recently won the creativity award at the International Woodcarver's Congress and often place among the top three in several categories of competition judged at that prestigious event. I have won juried shows with Mid-coast Fine Arts at Window Walk, Art in the Mark, Art at the Iowa Visitor's Center, Art Under Glass, The Great Mask Auction, and in 2003 at the Transportation Center. I have public art in the Evangelical Church in Moline, the Catholic Church in Rock Island and banners in Davenport and Moline. I am an accepted artist at Quad City Arts sales gallery. I have won best-of show awards for the last four years at Quad City Senior Olympics.

I am a sculptor in wood combined with found objects, and two-dimensional painted backgrounds. I have created sculptures for over 25 years on a part time basis and since 2000 almost full time. My work includes realistic and stylized human forms in the act of being humans, realistic birds and geometric forms. Some of my work is whimsical, some simply expressive using the natural beauty of wood to create pleasing 3-dimensional pieces.

"I sculpt in wood and I favor human figures, particularly female. The two things contradict. Wood is heavy and solid while the forms that I capture are light and airy. I absolve the conflict by leaving much of the human body to the observer. Violins and orchestral music are light, almost weightless. This piece is made light by the absense of everything that is unnecessary to the impression of a young girl concentrating on a musical lesson."

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