Iowa's Largest Walnut Rocking Chair

Public Art in Iowa

The State of Iowa has a rich art culture that includes many wonderful works of public art. These artworks may be commissioned by the state, by private organizations, or even by generous individuals, and can be found at airports, in hospitals, schools and universities, and even alongside highways! The Daily Palette is happy to feature these works created for the enrichment of our communities and the delight of our visitors.

Iowa's Largest Walnut Rocking Chair, Walnut wood with caning, 11' tall, 1983

Norman Schanz is one of the craftsmen at Schanz Furniture and Refinishing who handcrafted this gorgeous walnut rocking chair, the largest in world! He worked with three other craftsmen to create the frame, while four women were responsible for the caning. When the chair was finished, it was 11 feet tall and weighed 670 lbs. It consists of 300 lbs. of walnut wood, and took 104 hours to finish. The caning was done over 48 hours.

Schanz Furniture and Refinishing Shop is part of the historical Amana Colonies in West Amana, IA. The Amana Colonies are home to many shops and museums and are a favorite tourist destination. Visit the link below to learn more about this wonderful place and the beautiful handcrafted works to be found there!

The Amana Colonies

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