Intermedia Showcase

The Intermedia Showcase was hosted at Iowa City's wonderful Public Space One on the evening of October 28, 2016. It was organized by the Intermedia department at the University of Iowa, and was overseen by UI Graduate Student and Intermedia instructor, Naoki Izumo. The Showcase featured an array of events, performances, and installations that brought together artists, audience, and technology in experiences that evoked a wide range of emotions, from isolation to humor and catharsis.

10.13.16, Video installation with 4 projectors, 2 television screens, speakers, cushions, pillows, and blankets, 2016

Shannon Mulligan is a Studio Art and Computer Science Major
Asa Crowe is a Studio Art Major and Geology Minor
Ethan Kline is a Studio Art Major
Jasmine Woolery is a Cinema and Studio Art Major

What does memory look like? Through widespread availability of digital documentation people are able to reexamine the subtle moments of their existence. In 10.13.16, we aimed to immerse the audience in a recreation of our collective digital memory. The project was composed of four projectors, two TV screens, a set of speakers, and over 3 hours of combined footage recorded on October 13th, 2016.

Visitors to the 10.13.16 installation were invited to enter a cozy space filled with cushions, pillows, and blankets while the images recorded on October 13th were projected around the room. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, and the videos encouraged all kinds of conversation, creating a sense of community within the varied and shifting audience. Although most visitors to this special alcove had not participated the exact events being projected, there was a universality to much of what they saw that enhanced that sense of shared experience, which by extension allowed those "digital memories" to become part of each viewer's own "analog" memory. Click the link below to enjoy a video chronicling the construction of the event space, and the reactions of the audience!

10.13.16 Video

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