A Peculiar Family

Public Art in Iowa

The State of Iowa has a rich art culture that includes many wonderful works of public art. These artworks may be commissioned by the state, by private organizations, or even by generous individuals, and can be found at airports, in hospitals, schools and universities, and even alongside highways! The Daily Palette is happy to feature these works created for the enrichment of our communities and the delight of our visitors.

A Peculiar Family, Freon containers, gas cans, bicycle and scooter parts, garden rake teeth, baskets, 2016

Steve Reddell is a retired auto body specialist from Belton, Missouri who has turned his full attention to making sculpture from discarded auto parts and scrap metal. He has created some truly delightful public artworks, including this prize-winner in Ames, Iowa. Visit the video linked below to learn more!

Mr. Reddell entered this ensemble in the 2016–2017 Ames Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition contest, where it won Best in Show. It is currently on display in downtown Ames, near the corners of Main Street and Duff Avenue, and will remain there through May 2017. After that, neighborhoods will have the opportunity to have it permanently installed in one of their local parks or other public spaces. The Peculiar trio consists of Max, Irene, and Paco. Irene's basket contains a bouquet of flowers, while the family dog, Bogey Two (made from bent golf clubs), rides in in Max's.

Steve Reddell's methods

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