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morning hymn

       after E.M. Cioran

a bit of blood this morning—

  stop trying, dear. I have told you I am
       immunized to faith, still I believe
in a trilogy of twins
   like us, in safe-keeping, in
that blank console, keeper of all
      our secrets, etc.

                           what is it—
     are you so full, are you so sound
                           & how is it
         you hoard all that chaos & still
 move so thick through rooms
      taking with you the stasis of a kestrel
                           in flight. if I held, if I blew
               you in my small hands, that sweet
                     yellow flesh would slip
      through as the quetsch plum
               meat falls from its pit.

          stop being so whole.
 be wary that I may grow tired
     of you, my sweet
& your meeting god too frequently.

—still, come.
      glut this purged body.
the recipe needs, the mouth is calling
        for a little spit,
            a little salt
          & the hour's hinge

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Caitlin Roach received an MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she teaches at the University of New Mexico.

This poem was originally published in The Iowa Review 46/1 (Spring 2016).

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