Public Art in Iowa

The State of Iowa has a rich art culture that includes many wonderful works of public art. These artworks may be commissioned by the state, by private organizations, or even by generous individuals, and can be found at airports, in hospitals, schools and universities, and even alongside highways! The Daily Palette is happy to feature these works created for the enrichment of our communities and the delight of our visitors.

Harvest, Silicon bronze and stainless steel, 16' x 16' x 21', 1999

Tom Stancliffe, originally from the Chicago area, is a sculptor who now lives and maintains a large studio in rural New Hartford, Iowa.  In the early 1990s he shifted the scale and venues for his work from galleries and museums to outdoor public spaces.  He is best known for his large scale sculptures of bronze or stainless steel that find expression in both the historical and environmental context of a given site.  He has completed over twenty commissioned works for public art collections throughout Iowa and across the nation.  He is a Professor of Art at the University of Northern Iowa and serves on multiple civic Public Art Committees.

Harvest was installed at the Cedar County Rest Area and Welcome Center along Interstate 80W, just west of Exit 271, in Wilton, IA. The installation consists of "ten columns, arranged like row crops, that terminate in forms that express the natural and cultural diversity of Iowa." These forms include an ear of corn, a pig, an acorn, and a farmhouse sculpted in such a way that brings to mind the farmscape paintings of Grant Wood! This project was commissioned by the Iowa Transportation Department's Art-in-Transit commission.

Visit Tom Stancliffe's website to learn more about the artist and his excellent artworks!

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