Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages, Mixed media: board, fabric, plaster, chalkboard paint, and charcoal pencil, 12" x 24", 2017

This work is part of the Bluestockings Feminist Art Collective's upcoming exhibit, "Feminist Retort," opening at the White Rabbit Gallery in Iowa City on April 3rd and running through May 7th. Follow the link below for more information!

In the artist's own words:

Something becomes something else. My journey as an artist began in the 1950's. I made art with recycled materials. I drew and drew. I learned to embroider and sew.

My journey as an artist/teacher took a winding path. College, family, work. I squeezed my art-making into random moments. My work and my art led me to art education. I grew creatively and felt confident to call myself an artist. I told my stories in my art. I wanted to help others tell theirs. I became a high school art teacher.

In my classrooms, I traveled with my students on their artistic journeys. I learned courage from them.  Courage to be heard. Together we grew. We laughed and cried together. Our lives grew richer and so did our art. My students taught me to be authentic and strong; they are with me in my studio. In my heart. In my art. Something becomes something else. The process is the meaning.

Feminist Retort at The White Rabbit Gallery

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on March 30, 2017

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